Vision and Values

Our group vision

To continuously leverage our data and direct marketing expertise for sustainable growth in a complex and rapidly expanding consumer finance environment.

The HomeChoice vision

To be our customers’ most trusted and exclusive homewares retailer, helping them to easily realise their décor dreams.

The FinChoice vision

To be our customers’ most trusted and flexible financial partner, enabling easy access to affordable products.

Our employee vision

To be empowered, respected, challenged and recognised for the unique contribution we make.

Our shareholder and sustainability vision

To achieve consistent long-term real growth and an outstanding return on equity while making a significant contribution to our community.

Our values

We have adopted five key values that underpin the way we think and do business:

  • Customer delight – We will put our customers first in everything we do.
  • Excellence – We will continuously assess, adapt and improve while being accountable and professional.
  • Integrity – We will be transparent in our dealings, upholding moral, legal and ethical codes.
  • Teamwork – We will be united in purpose and action, turning our diversity, skills and experience into a source of strength.
  • Innovation – Through our courage and initiative, we will identify and implement new opportunities and ideas that will successfully shape our future.

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