Responsible Citizenship


Stakeholder engagement is critical to the group’s economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Engagement aimed at establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships not only manages risks to the business but creates opportunities to enhance performance, ensuring longer- term sustainability.

The primary stakeholders that are most likely to influence the sustainability of the business are customers, employees and shareholders, with secondary stakeholders including suppliers, regulatory bodies and the communities served by the business.

In support of the group’s vision, the vision for the engagement with each of the primary stakeholders of the group was defined and is an integral part of the group’s values and business model.


The group has an active customer base in excess of more than 900 000 predominantly female customers in the mass middle-income market.

Customer engagement enables the group to retain loyalty, understand their needs and enhance the brand which should generate further revenue and ensure the sustainability of the group.

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Over 1 900 people are employed at the group’s head office campuses and distribution centres.

By creating a rewarding environment and investing in personal development, the group aims to retain key employees, minimise labour turnover and accelerate transformation.

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The group engages with a wide range of suppliers of services to ensure the efficient operation of the business. More than 20% of Retail products are sourced from South Africa and its neighbouring countries.


As a responsible and caring corporate citizen the group supports the upliftment of communities in which it operates, with a focus on early childhood development in disadvantaged communities.

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The increasingly complex legislative and regulatory environment requires the group to develop a thorough understanding of current, new and proposed regulation to ensure compliance and adherence to best practice.


The group has in excess of 250 shareholders with two shareholders holding in excess of 90% of the group.

Shares are traded on the JSE Limited Stock Exchange.