Empowering our Partners

Home delivery network – independent service providers

A home delivery network supports the delivery of merchandise to customers, which is also supplemented by the traditional post office delivery option. Independent service providers (ISPs) support more than 50% of home deliveries in South Africa. The relationship with our ISPs provides flexibility to quickly adapt to new product requirements, ensures a more personalised delivery service and provides a more cost-effective distribution network. Training is provided for all ISPs and a comprehensive delivery manual ensures that delivery standards are maintained. As the need arises to extend the delivery network reach to increase the number of collection points for our customers, the ISP model will continue to play a key role in the group’s distribution capabilities.

Independent service providers

“I started doing work for HomeChoice in 2010, delivering furniture for them. They were very professional in every aspect and made me feel part of the group. My team and I received the proper training we required and it is still ongoing.”
– Neil

“When we started with HomeChoice the volumes were low and we only needed one vehicle. With the growth in the business one vehicle became four, we moved to larger premises and were able to provide job opportunities for more people.”
– Marius

“I started working with HomeChoice in 2003, with an admin assistant who also helped with deliveries – we had one van. In 2014 I was asked to deliver furniture and white goods, and now I employ 13 staff and own a fleet of six vans.”
– Zakele

Sales Agents

The group has more than 8 000 sales agents who operate remotely across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Regular rallies are held with the sales agents where they receive ongoing training and development. Earnings are commission-based with a support team based at head office. They are also a strong customer acquisition channel for the group.

“I love interacting with my customers. Selling is my passion.” – Thandi

“The best part about being a sales agent is writing your own cheque. There is no limit. The only limit is yourself.” – Eugene

“I am my own boss. No one is pushing me from behind and there is no pressure.” – Pinky