Empowering our Partners

Home delivery network – independent service providers

A home delivery network supports the delivery of merchandise to customers, which is also supplemented by the traditional post office delivery option. Independent service providers (ISPs) support more than 60% of home deliveries in South Africa. The relationship with our ISPs provides flexibility to quickly adapt to new product requirements, ensures a more personalised delivery service and provides a more cost-effective distribution network. Training is provided for all ISPs and a comprehensive delivery manual ensures that delivery standards are maintained. As the need arises to extend the delivery network reach to increase the number of collection points for our customers, the ISP model will continue to play a key role in the group’s distribution capabilities.


“I have been part of the HomeChoice family since 2012. Customers are pleasantly surprised when they see a female delivering their parcels and they quickly change from referring to me as the ‘delivery lady’ to the ‘consultant’. When customers ask me questions I need to know all the answers – from collections to sales. HomeChoice customers are very knowledgeable, you can never underestimate them.”


“I joined in 2016. I deliver in the surrounding areas of Durban. I have eight trucks, with 12 permanent drivers and four part-time assistants. On average we make 145 deliveries a day.”


“I am based in Pretoria and have been with HomeChoice since 2006. Nine drivers work for me and we deliver 250 parcels a day. I prioritise everything to my customers and make sure that they are happy at all times.”


“I have been with HomeChoice for five years and am based in Johannesburg. I have learnt a lot from HomeChoice on how to run a good business. I have a fleet of seven trucks and I also do the line haul delivery to Pretoria.”

Sales Agents

The direct sales agents channel is an enabler in the expansion of Retail into the neighbouring countries, particularly Botswana and Namibia.
There are 5 649 active sales agents operating in local communities in South Africa and neighbouring countries.
Approximately 20% of the agents are focused full time on selling merchandise and may earn in excess of R20 000 per month. The remaining 4 000 agents use the commission they earn to supplement their income on a part-time basis. Commission is earned on a tiering structure – bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Empowering our partners


“I set my own targets and strive to exceed them. I believe in customer service and always look after my clients. I am now my own boss and determine how much I earn each month.

I have paid up my furniture and house bond. I have bought two cars.”


“I do my own admin daily, follow up on orders and queries for my customers. I have certain activations spots all over Johannesburg where I sell with my gazebo and do a lot of road trips to other provinces throughout the year.

My house is bond free and I bought a car with my earnings.”


“I do most of my selling via social media and road trips and activations. Be serious about your work – you are your own boss and the more effort you put into your work, the better the results!

I own my house and want to buy another one next year.”


“I choose my customers carefully and make sure that they have banking details.

I purchased and paid for a plot and now I am going to build my own house.”