Our competitive advantage

Group Revenue

Proven growth strategy

  • Organic growth drives market share gains
  • 10-year revenue CAGR of 20%
  • 10-year profit CAGR of 19%

Digital engagement

  • Financial Services primarily digital operations
  • Retail digital channel achieving fastest growth rates
  • Technology the bedrock of the group, with proprietary systems enhanced by world-class digital platforms and telephony systems

Omni-channel operations

  • Digital engagement through mobi and web
  • Experienced telemarketing operations
  • Showrooms support brand positioning and awareness

Positioned in growing mass market

  • Committed to fastest growing middle-income mass market
  • Homeware-based retail operations enhanced by external brands
  • Financial services offers low-value unsecured loans and insurance products

Customer focused

  • Loyal retail customer base
  • Segmentation drives customer-centricity
  • Strong data analytics
Competitive Advantage

Logistics expertise

  • World-class distribution centre enabling home delivery network to mass market
  • Single pack operations support e-commerce