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Female customer
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In mass middle market

with an average gross monthly income of R10 000


Providing her with her preferred way to shop

Digital is the fastest-growing channel

Financial Services

Her preferred way to manage her financial transactions

Increasing our fintech strategy

Mainly based in urban areas with 8% outside South Africa

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Home Choice Logo

HomeChoice is an omni-channel retailer with a fast-growing digital channel. Affordable credit options enable customers to purchase on flexible payment terms. Supported by a home delivery service.

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Product Offering

Offers an extensive range of household textiles and homeware merchandise, and fashion products under private label brands supplemented with a broad range of well-known external brands. Personal electronics are offered under the FoneChoice brand.

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Financial Services

FinChoice is a fintech business selling innovative loans, insurance and value-added services. Products are offered to selected Retail customers who have a good credit standing. Based in South Africa with operations in Mauritius and Botswana.

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Product Offering

Unsecured short-term and low-value personal loans and insurance products offered under the FinChoice brand. Loan products have terms between one and 36 months. Insurance products include credit life and funeral policies.

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